December 20, 2018 | Updates


we arę so excited to have just launched a new project: ABTSHIELD – a long-awaited effective response to the intentional mass-scale bots and trolls use. In the post-truth age, voters and customers are exposed to disinformation on a mass scale and both our economies and democracies are affected by it. We believe that ABTSHIELD will help insulate the public sphere from malevolent attacks just like spam filters have helped to clean your mailbox.

The AI-powered e-commerce analysis tool developed by EDGE NPD is the engine of the project. It has been recognised as New Europe 100 – one of the leaders of the digital age in CEE – by Google, FT, Visegrad Fund and Res Publica. 

Our team brings together experience from market research, IT, media, think tanks and public administration. Together with future partners, we will bring AI-powered solution for all media and communication platforms that wish to protect its users from mass scale disinformation.  

Stay tuned for more updates. Drop us an e-mail: office@abtshield.com to get in touch.