A sudden increase in support for Ziobro at the Facebook poll

August 26, 2019 | Media
After two hours from publication of the poll by Rzeczpospolita, in which the media asked the internet users if Minister Zbigniew Ziobro should resign, the results change by 180 degrees.

For the first two hours of voting in the poll, votes were distributed in the proportion of 80% for the resignation of Zbigniew Ziobro and 20% against. However, from the second hour of voting, the proportions began to reverse – the number of votes cast from accounts without a profile picture, having a few friends or not having them at all began to increase, in addition to the accounts that do not normally follow the “Rzeczpospolita” profile on Facebook.

After four hours of voting, the voting system changed radically – at one point there were 90% against Zbigniew Ziobro’s dismissal.

“And that’s how trolls work – in 2 hours survey results turned around by 180% with 3800 votes cast, so either PiS supporters suddenly rushed to read “Rzeczpospolita”, or some Emilka from Nowogrodzka bent over Zbyń’s problem and called troll friends”, – states one of the internet users.

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