Features of bots

Features of bots


The largest part of the Internet traffic generated by the bots comes from bots, whose task is to make their behaviour similar to human behaviour.

The construction of algorithms imitating human thinking and actions is currently at a very high level and is based mainly on the achievements of the so-called artificial intelligence (AI). This means in short that the artificial intelligence can be used to specify any technique that allows a computer program to imitate human intelligence using logical rules, decision trees, machine learning, or other research techniques.

A schematic overview of the ongoing work on artificial intelligence:

Schematic overview of the areas in which works on artificial intelligence are involved Source: The Ember Group 2017

The set of the categories of good and bad bots, the diversity of examples and the universality of applications, the multifaceted nature of threats, and even the multilayer and complexity of individual sources of development of particular types of bots – all this affects the inability to present a coherent approach to bots and their identification.