ABT SHIELD for Publishers

There is much ado about combatting fake news. ABT SHIELD effectively fights the artificial amplification. Stay reliable - protect your reputation. Readers are more likely to stay loyal to a medium that can effectively protect them against such mechanisms.

Site owners face ever-increasing threats: content or price scraping bots that steal content, methodical scans for any site vulnerabilities, brute-force attacks for logins or commerce. Automated Trolls and Bot attacks are problematic as both volume and sophistication of attacks continue to rise. With ABTSHIELD Publishers can not only protect and nourish their traffic quality but provide service securing advertisers spending’s from external frauds.  ABTSHIELD was built in cooperation with publishers and in their best interest. EDGE NPD, a project owner of ABTSHIELD is a trusted partner to top tier publishers.

We believe that managing disinformation and bot traffic is a part of the commercial and social responsibility of publishers. It is important to us to constantly improve the user experience for readers by protecting them from the potentially negative influence of manipulation and disinformation. 
ABTSHIELD lead partners

For publishers, traffic of readers is a major asset and source of income. At the same time, over 70% of readers in Europe are afraid of the influence of disinformation mechanisms, which include bots and trolls (Eurostat, 2018). Readers are more likely to stay loyal to a medium that can effectively protect them against such mechanisms.

On the commercial side, offering advertisers access to high-quality traffic of live audience is the only possible way of maintaining and developing a business in the long term. According to our research, advertisers are willing to pay more for advertising traffic insured from bots and trolls. Thanks to ABTSHIELD, publishers can propose the fairest conditions for conducting ad campaigns and increase their revenues.

  • Added revenue on ad campaigns secured from bots and trolls
  • Saving time and money on moderation
  • Better control over connection sources and traffic history
  • 100% confidentiality and privacy of information on traffic quality
  • Advising on procedures for counteracting bots and trolls
  • Publisher’s recommendation by ABTSHIELD to advertisers (medium  recommended by ABTSHIELD)
  • Improving the quality of social features on medium (forums, comments, talk-backs)
  • Easy sharing statistics of campaign efficiency with advertiser verified by ABTSHIELD
  • Improved editorial management: verification of real user interests with specific content, unbiased by bots and trolls. 
  • Savings on the infrastructure and resources needed to handle and store useless traffic data.
  • Increased commercialisation of data. Better data, better recommendation models regarding content served and ads.
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