ABT SHIELD for Advertisers

CPM frauds in many cases exceed 50% of the advertising budget. Use ABT SHIELD to audit and monitor campaign quality. A trusted vendor of advertising networks, including Google.

Advertisers face threats of campaign frauds and severe losses of marketing investments.  Fake views, click-frauds, overestimated and unrealistic reach of campaigns means an enormous money waste. CPM frauds in many cases exceed 50% of the advertising budget invested. ABTSHIELD lets the advertisers audit, monitor quality of campaigns and prevails from automated bot attacks and the negative context of automated trolling. ABTSHIELD is a trusted vendor of advertising networks, including Google

In my job as a director of marketing I often had to solve the problem of real effective auditing of advertising campaigns online. By real, I mean a verified by a reliable number of users that were in touch with our content. Not artificially generated by bots. Often, I had an impression that I am charged for a campaign that indeed is virtual and does not generate real impact.
Iza Kochańska
Kreditech GmbH
Head of Sales and Marketing PL

ABTSHIELD makes sure that your marketing expenses will be invested in contacting living recipients and not machines. Thanks to ABTSHIELD, you will avoid financial losses resulting from infecting your campaigns by bots and the negative context of trolls.

  • Campaign audit carried out by an entity independent of advertising networks
  • Providing information on campaign compliance with media plan
  • Reporting the level of fraud broken down into specific media and advertising forms
  • Filtering connections that may cause financial losses
  • Easy connection to trusted publishers already included ABTSHIELD protection for advertising traffic
  • Increased efficiency on ad campaigns secured from bots and trolls
  • Better control over connection sources and traffic history
  • 100% confidentiality and privacy of information on traffic quality
  • Easy sharing statistics of campaign efficiency with advertiser verified by ABTSHIELD
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