New campaign: Diagnosing the Internet

May 6, 2019 | General
The Internet is suffering from a very serious illness. Although we know the condition is serious, we don’t know how advanced the disease is nor the scale of damage that has already been done and which could, at any time, wreak havoc on our lives.

Research shows that more than 50% of all traffic on the Internet is being generated by machines (bots) – so people on the Internet today constitute a minority! 

However, these are still estimates; the scale of the phenomenon requires continuous evaluation. Therefore, in the pre-election period – a socially and politically sensitive time which usually suffers from a higher concentration of harmful and contagious disinformation – we offer every content publisher, advertiser, portal owner, public and private institution and the NGO sector to

Join the “Diagnosing the Internet” campaign! For free.

What are the benefits? During this trail period, you will receive – for free – a comprehensive analysis of traffic on your website or portal. You will find out who the users are, where they are visiting you from and, importantly, what percentage of these users are machines (bots or robo-trolls). As a result, you will be able to better adjust the published content and evaluate potential threats. 
Advertisers can be assured that their campaigns and messages will reach people and that they will not waste their money on showing ads to bots.

What is ABTSHIELD? The ABTSHIELD (Anti Bot and Troll Shield) technology uses artificial intelligence and allows you to quickly determine whether you are dealing with a valuable user – a human – or with an automated attack or artificial network activity (bot). With the modern architecture of websites and web portals in mind, ABTSHIELD was designed to reduce the risks and negative impact of bots and trolls on the experience of users as well as counteract the dissemination of misleading information and boost the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

How does it work? ABTSHIELD learns how to act and tracks the behavior of bots and trolls based on the analysis of a large amount of Internet traffic. Each new ABTSHIELD partner helps in building a more protective and cohesive shield against bots and trolls by anonymously sharing traces of dangerous connections. Data from the websites and portals of individual partners remains their exclusive property and is not utilised elsewhere; they only serve analytics.

Who are we? 100% of the ABTSHIELD technology was developed by scientists, data analysts and IT specialists in Poland. ABTSHIELD is a product designed by EDGE NPD in close cooperation with publishers, advertisers, academia, think tanks and representatives of EU institutions.

How to join? The process of technical inclusion in the ABTSHIELD project takes 15 minutes. Just send an e-mail with information about the willingness to join the action. You will receive from us the operation instructions and the code of “attachments”.

Write to us:, we’ll be happy to help your company succeed and together we can make the Internet a healthier environment for everyone.

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