The social mission of the ABTShield project implemented by EDGE NPD is to limit the negative impact of disinformation and hate speech disseminated on the internet, as well as to raise public awareness of the threats related to the scale and malicious activities of bots and trolls. This includes informing the public about the extent of untruthful and hateful content distributed online.

The main goal of the project is to build a broad partnership – involving non-profit organisations, businesses, public administration and media outlets – for the effective fight against disinformation and hate speech. The initiative has been already joined, among others, by: NGO.pl/Klon-Jawor, NASK, Collegium Civitas, InEuropa, Alliance4Europe.


Parties to the Agreement – aware of the social, political and economic threats resulting from the spread of untruthful information on the Internet and the increasing phenomenon of bots and trolls online – have come together to reinforce the positive effects of countering sources of disinformation with the use of new technologies and social education.

They intend to undertake cooperation, which will initially consist of organising and implementing joint projects to protect societies, institutions and private entities from misinformation; promote the fair and free-from-hate use of the Internet; prepare informative materials; and develop methods, tools and technologies aimed at preventing disinformation and increasing online security. Essentially, the overarching goal of this agreement is to establish a broad partnership to fight disinformation in Europe.