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August 13, 2019 |
Agora protects its websites against bots and internet trolls

Gazeta.pl will work with systems protecting against trolls and Internet bots that disseminate false information. Agora has connected the ABT Shield tool to its websites, which uses artificial intelligence and is able to track fictitious accounts. Soon, the solution will also be implemented for Wyborcza.pl users who do not use subscriptions.

The implementation of ABT Shield tool by Agora’s services is to be the answer to the problems of increased activity of fake users, activity of bots and internet trolls. Against this, Gazeta.pl is to protect a tool that was created thanks to funding from the Google DNI Fund program.

The Gazeta.pl and Wyborcza.pl teams will be able to identify and eliminate artificial traffic generated by bots and fake Internet users. The solution is to improve the quality of content read by real internet users, but also be beneficial for advertisers who pay for high-quality traffic on websites presenting their products.

– Cooperation with the ABT Shield project is very important to us – it is a step towards the transparency of internet traffic. We want our users to have access to content and discussion forums created with their real interests and needs in mind. On the other hand, we want our clients’ marketing expenses to be invested in contact with real users, not with machines – explains Artur Birnbaum, director of research and strategy at Gazeta.pl.

The tool was designed by Edge NPD in cooperation with publishers, advertisers, the academic community and think tanks, and the team of Gazeta.pl first tested it and checked its effectiveness on selected websites. ABT Shield learns patterns of activity and tracks the behavior of bots and trolls based on the analysis of a large amount of Internet traffic.

The project of implementing the ABT Shield tool on Agora’s websites is carried out in consultation with the SAR Marketing Communication Association.

Edge NPD is a company specializing in market research innovations. Develops technologies in cooperation with the media and advertisers on the digital market, which is to lead to an analysis of Internet users’ behavior and increase the profitability of publishers.

According to the Gemius / PBI survey, in May this year Gazeta.pl portal recorded 11.62 million real users, 224.8 million page views and 7 minutes and 52 seconds of average daily usage time by an internet user.

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