Prices start at $48.98 with free shipping within the United States. I feel dumb, because when I was a kid and my dad gave me my first knife I remember him specifically warning me to be careful with knives that don’t lock. If he’s like me, he will get bit by the carving bug, and be really interested in wood.

I was working a project a few days ago, and I got a little careless. I was trying to cut off one annoying little piece with an old pocket knife and my hand slipped. Suddenly the force of my hand made the knife slam shut on my finger. It was stuck in there pretty good when I pulled it out there was a tendon showing, so I ended up getting stitches.


Visit KV Woodcarving Supplies at Another small but extremely useful wooden gift that you can make in a short amount of time. The important part is that at least one part of the carving can fit under the door, the rest is entirely your choice. You can carve letters, images, do relief carving, chip carving, or even transfer an image into it to make it as perfect as you want it. When it comes to wood carving, the beauty is that you are only limited by your imagination . It’s the act of gifting something you’ve devoted time to that makes the difference.

carving gifts

As soon as my hand heals that will be my first purchase. Carving gifts out of wood will be a wonderful way to show someone that you care. It takes a bit of your effort, inexpensive materials and will last for years. Legendary woodcarver, Lora Irish, shares her expert advice on sourcing, carving, joinery, finishing, and customization each walking stick project.

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We can’t forget arrows, which symbolize direction, and a simple circle, which represents cycles. Another option is to create a smaller version of this animal carved out of wood that could be displayed on a shelf or dresser in their home somewhere. You may be thinking, “What could I carve that would be a suitable gift? To make it easier on you we’ve put together a list of ideas that would make amazing gifts for several occasions. The High Speed Carving Bur Set from Turbo Carver is a great basic set to offer more possibilities to your carving. The set also includes a high quality dental bur cassette carrier to keep the burs secure and organized.

carving gifts

The is a keyring that allows a phone to be held upright hands free without need for an expensive stand or piece of equipment. Easy, simple and most importantly, extremely handy to have just in case you are feeling the strain of holding a phone up manually for long periods of time. The masterwork of the leading icon in wood chip carving, Wayne Barton. Created by Harold Enlow, one of America’s leading woodcarvers, this classic workbook focuses on all the facial features. This book is for the carver who is constantly carving caricatures. This timeless book is a must-have addition to any woodcarving library.

Hearts And Kisses

You are able to add inscriptions, sayings, or other words . These carved wooden plaques are available in two different sizes so there is no chance of detail being lost due to a lack of room. With the word “blessed” carved in cursive writing for a touch for elegance, this wooden décor has a solid black background to allow the carved wood to truly pop for an eye-catching look. This varnish treatment covering the entire mortar and pestle promotes longevity, making this the gift that will keep on giving in the kitchen. Then this three-piece wooden carved sculpture set should be on your short list for gift giving.

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