Facebook announces a new collaborative strategy to combat misinformation

April 15, 2019 | Media
On 10 April, Facebook announced the next phase of collaborative efforts to combat misinformation. After taking down 700 assets in India involved in false amplification of partisan content a week earlier the company steps up the effort to involve more help from outside.

So today, we’re kicking off a new collaborative process with outside experts that will help us hone in on new solutions to fight false news at scale. The goal of this process is to arrive at externally vetted, consistent approaches that have the potential to help us catch and reduce the distribution of greater quantities of misinformation, more efficiently.

Henry Silverman, Operations Specialist at Facebook

Digital misinformation amplified by bots is a global threat to democracy and ABTShield is committed to fight it. Contrary to Facebook, from day one we rely on cooperation with partners from the field of journalism, academia and think tanks.

Teaming Up Against False News

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