Marketing specialist – are you still in the game?

On November 5-6, Integrated Marketing Forum (pl.: Forum Marketingu Zintegrowanego (FMZ) organised a conference "Marketing specialist - are you still in the game?" in Warsaw, Poland.

Anti-Bots and Trolls Shield explained

Have a look at the films prepared by Dobromir Ciaś where he speaks about digital threats and explains the main idea of ABTShield initiative and how it works.

Germany fines Facebook €2M for violating hate speech law

Germany has fined U.S. tech giant Facebook for violating the country's law to combat hate speech online.

Agora’s internet services with protection against bots and online trolls

The portal team has connected to ABTShield, created by Edge NPD, on all their websites. This solution uses artificial intelligence, which allows you to limit the dissemination of misleading information, as well as the negative impact of bots and trolls on the experience of readers and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Soon the solution will also be implemented by

NATO-Skeptic Online Personas Target Fringe Media Sites

Five anti-NATO “expert” personas coordinated to amplify their opinion pieces on fringe media outlets

Russian sources wanted to suppress the attendance

Malicious sources are still using new tactics, but the goal is the same: undermining confidence in democratic processes.

Russian groups targeted EU election with fake news

United Arab Emirates doesn’t Hack Dissidents nor Journalists

But news reports continue to suggest that ex-NSA hackers are helping the country hack and surveil its citizens.

Russian Information Warfare in Central and Eastern Europe

Strategies, Impact, and Counter-Measures analysed by Michal Bokša, GMF US

Cybersecurity driven by fear

As cyberattacks and hacking incidents increase in frequency and scope, it's important that organisations and governments don't revert to a fear-based approach to cybersecurity: it won't help users and it doesn't help to prevent attacks.

Conference in Prague: How Chinese use AI in advertising

In September, conference WebExpo bring to Prague a total of 70 speakers who will address topics for developers, designers, IT managers, marketers and startup experts.

How do the bots deceive us?

Every day we are subjected to thousands of bots on the Internet - information on social media, advertisements on the pages of our favorite portals. It is not surprising that in this information crowd, our mind goes to the easy way. The people who use our weakness to mislead us are perfectly aware of it, profiting from it - whether financial or political.

5 Actions P&G is Taking to Improve the Media Supply Chain

The next great revolution in using technology to make people’s lives better is underway, but along with this are potential pitfalls that can’t be ignored: data misuse and privacy breaches, transparency lapses, fraud, brand safety and more.

Partypoker Identifies And Closes Another 91 Bot Accounts

Partypoker has published the second update in what it promises will be a series of monthly updates regarding “bot” (automated-playing) accounts playing on party sites, which after being identified are closed, with the related account balances seized and redistributed to affected players.

Hacking Carrots fighting fake news

Disinformation is considered to be one of the most dangerous phenomena on the Internet today, but at the same time one of the most interesting challenges for the IT world.

New campaign: Diagnosing the Internet

The Internet is suffering from a very serious illness. Although we know the condition is serious, we don’t know how advanced the disease is nor the scale of damage that has already been done and which could, at any time, wreak havoc on our lives.

E-threats for the elections in 2019

On April 25, 2019, the conference "E-threats for the elections in 2019" was held at the Collegium Civitas, organized by the Institute of Information Analysis of Collegium Civitas and the Center for Terrorism Studies of Collegium Civitas in cooperation with the InEuropa Institute and #ABTShield.

Bots and anti-bots. How to avoid the theft of online advertisements?

On April 17, ABTShield has organised a meeting on disinformation in advertising. How bots steal advertising budgets and what to do so that they do not destroy confidence in the industry.

Fear from disinformation ahead European Parliamentary elections – launch of a report

Earlier this week Dobromir Ciaś, our CEO spoke on the significance of disinformation ahead of European Parliamentary elections at an event in Warsaw. The meeting gathered representatives of the diplomatic core (among others Ambassadors of Ireland, Korea), expert think tank community and journalists.

Input to a transatlantic debate on moderating online content

On 4 March 2019 ABTShield has been featured during a seminar and a public debate on Moderating Online Content and Preserving Freedom of Expression: A Transatlantic Approach. Both events were organised by the German Marshall Fund of the U.S. and the Visegrad Insight – one of ABTShield partners.

ABTShield input to a seminar on Strategic Communication in Poland

On 27 February 2019 we met at a roundtable organised by Pulaski Foundation think tank in Warsaw to discuss challenges to strategic communication in Poland. Members of the panel involved representatives of government, military academy, think tanks and civil society. Poland is currently developing this competence in an effort to combat disinformation.

ABTShield presentation in European Parliament

On 29 January 2019 ABTShield has been invited to the EURONEST PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY joint meeting of the Committee on Political Affairs, Human Rights and Democracy Committee on Energy Security.