Fraud in the area of Internet advertising

Dobromir Ciaś on the problem of the online advertising market

A sudden increase in support for Ziobro at the Facebook poll

After two hours from publication of the poll by Rzeczpospolita, in which the media asked the internet users if Minister Zbigniew Ziobro should resign, the results change by 180 degrees.

NATO-Skeptic Online Personas Target Fringe Media Sites

Five anti-NATO “expert” personas coordinated to amplify their opinion pieces on fringe media outlets

Russian TV Ties Biden to Its Saakashvili Organ Trade Conspiracy Theory

Kremlin-controlled TV channel NTV accuses Joe Biden of covering up the Saakashvili family’s “role” in the global human organ trade

Twitter removes thousands of accounts linked to Iran government

Nearly 4,800 accounts were taken down by microblogging platform to prevent election interference and misinformation

Cybersecurity driven by fear

As cyberattacks and hacking incidents increase in frequency and scope, it's important that organisations and governments don't revert to a fear-based approach to cybersecurity: it won't help users and it doesn't help to prevent attacks.

Twitterbots: Anatomy of a Propaganda Campaign

Internet Research Agency archive reveals a vast, coordinated campaign that was incredibly successful at pushing out and amplifying its messages.

Real News About Fake News

It’s not just making people believe false things—a new study suggests it’s also making them less likely to consume or accept information.

Facebook Removes Iran-based Assets

The pages spread pro-Iran messaging and targeted U.S., British, and Saudi politics

How do the bots deceive us?

Every day we are subjected to thousands of bots on the Internet - information on social media, advertisements on the pages of our favorite portals. It is not surprising that in this information crowd, our mind goes to the easy way. The people who use our weakness to mislead us are perfectly aware of it, profiting from it - whether financial or political.

Disinformation is not about simple lies

It is about multiplying lies on an industrial scale so that they eventually seem true. That is why it is dangerous for democracy and the free economy.

Man vs. Machine: AI bots domination

The artificial intelligence of DeepMind not only beats people in chess, but now dominates for the first time in team games.

Finland is winning the war on fake news: crucial findings for Western democracy

Partypoker Identifies And Closes Another 91 Bot Accounts

Partypoker has published the second update in what it promises will be a series of monthly updates regarding “bot” (automated-playing) accounts playing on party sites, which after being identified are closed, with the related account balances seized and redistributed to affected players.

Far-right Facebook groups ‘spreading hate to millions in Europe’

A web of far-right Facebook accounts spreading fake news and hate speech to millions of people across Europe has been uncovered by the campaign group Avaaz.

Russian bots ruin the children’s talent show The Voice Kids

Recently, a lot has been said about the impact of new technologies on the possibilities of setting political choices or cybercrime aimed at specific countries. In Russia, however, there was a precedent case in which bots influenced the result of voting in ... children's talent competition The Voice Kids. This is an insulting thing that a non-accidental person won.

Facebook’s newest ‘fact checkers’ are Koch-funded climate deniers

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg keeps dashing any hope that the world’s largest social media platform might be a positive force in the fight against catastrophic climate change.

Facebook announces a new collaborative strategy to combat misinformation

On 10 April, Facebook announced the next phase of collaborative efforts to combat misinformation. After taking down 700 assets in India involved in false amplification of partisan content a week earlier the company steps up the effort to involve more help from outside.

ACTA 2: the pyramid of lies

After the recent political storm in Poland caused by voting on the Copyright Directive in the European Parliament, the coalition of frightened Internet users, right-wing politicians and international technology tycoons have started to build together a pyramid of lies, as explained in an opinion for Wirtualna Polska.

The International Journalism Festival

ATHSHIELD is attending XIII edition of the one of the best media gathering in the world. The yearly event in Italy’s Perugia gathers hundreds of journalists from the globe, tech-savvy types from big online platforms (Facebook or Google) and big thinkers like Martin Moore or Paul Nemitz.

Australia to jail social media for hate speech

In an unprecedented move, Australia plans to introduce a legislation that would have jail time and hefty fines for hate speech online.

EU task force recommends our report

The European External Action Service East Stratcom Task Force fighting disinformation has recommended the ABTShiled report on trolls.

ABTShield comments regarding a coordinated hate attack on Ronen Bergman for TVN24

New media partners

ABTShield relies on cooperation with the media platforms exposed to bots and trolling activity. It is our great pleasure to announce new media partners who will participate in the project and help tune-in the tool relying on their traffic.