Bots and anti-bots. How to avoid the theft of online advertisements?

April 17, 2019 | Updates
On April 17, ABTShield has organised a meeting on disinformation in advertising. How bots steal advertising budgets and what to do so that they do not destroy confidence in the industry.

The debate has started with the discussion on forecasts and research results regarding the network traffic.

The World Federation of Advertising estimates that bots will soon be responsible for nearly $50 billion in losses due to fraud – digital ad fraud – and will be the second largest source of worldwide crime after drug trafficking. The so-called fake views or click-frauds lead to 50% of the advertising budget.

Invited experts, representatives of PR agencies and media houses, advertisers and journalists and innovators from the New Europe 100 list, have analysed the scope and the possibility of securing information. Guests discussed the artificial network traffic and content amplification, as well as the disturbing consequences of these activities, in particular for the advertising industry.