Agora’s internet services with protection against bots and online trolls

June 30, 2019 | Updates
The portal team has connected to ABTShield, created by Edge NPD, on all their websites. This solution uses artificial intelligence, which allows you to limit the dissemination of misleading information, as well as the negative impact of bots and trolls on the experience of readers and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Soon the solution will also be implemented by

Increased activity of fake users, the activity of bots and Internet trolls, site scans and real-time copying of content are threats that online publishers are increasingly facing. The implementation of the ABTShield tool by Agora’s services is the answer to these problems.

The ABTShield product was created through funding under the Google DNI Fund program and was designed in close cooperation with publishers, advertisers, academia and think tanks. is also the trusted partner of Edge NPD, which creates this solution. The portal team took part in the development of the ABTShield tool and checked its effectiveness on selected websites, so that after the testing phase, implement them on all of their websites. 

Cooperation on the ABTShield project is very important to us – it is a step towards the transparency of Internet traffic. We want our users to have access to content and discussion forums created for their real interests and needs. On the other hand, we want our clients’ marketing expenditures to be invested in contact with real users, not machines, – explains Artur Birnbaum, Head of Research and Strategy at and teams will be able to identify and eliminate artificial traffic generated by bots and fake Internet users. This solution, which is beneficial from the point of view of users, allows to improve the quality of content actually read by Internet users, as well as advertisers who pay for the quality of traffic on the websites presenting their products. 

ABTShield is a tool that learns the flowcharts and tracks the behavior of bots and trolls based on the analysis of a large amount of Internet traffic. Key publishers and Internet companies conduct a common traffic analysis to share experiences, and each new user of the solution helps to build a more tight and perfect shield against bots and trolls by anonymously sharing traces of dangerous connections. 

As the largest subscription publisher in Poland and the 15th in the world, we promote all solutions that support real reading and real contact with advertising, not bots. Subscribers to are real people. With ABTShield, we will monitor the non-subscription traffic, i.e. users who use our services outside of paywall, – says Joanna Mosiej-Sitek, Deputy Editor of “Gazeta Wyborcza”. 

The project of implementing the ABTShield tool on Agora’s websites is conducted in consultation with the SAR Marketing Communication Association.

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