ACTA 2: the pyramid of lies

April 9, 2019 | Media
After the recent political storm in Poland caused by voting on the Copyright Directive in the European Parliament, the coalition of frightened Internet users, right-wing politicians and international technology tycoons have started to build together a pyramid of lies, as explained in an opinion for Wirtualna Polska.

Why those specific target groups?

Internet users are afraid of restricting access to copyrighted content, while Google protects their economic interests and, finally, politicians see the opportunity to bake a political roast using mass manipulation.

The pyramid of lies starts with itsname – ACTA2. As the author explains, this name has been used to create negative associations, even though the adoption of ACTA did not cause any changes in the national law.

People are also scared of the fact that the new Directive is aimed against Internet users. Another lie on ACTA 2 is about machines blocking people. However, it will not be possible to block accounts or individual content provided by users on the basis of internal and unilateral regulations adopted by internet platforms. Paradoxically, the Directive thus protects the freedom of opinion on the Internet, and not, as the political manipulation says, limits it.

The new law transfers responsibility for publishing content that breaks copyright from users to platforms such as Google and Facebook. The Internet giants supporting the protests are just against this responsibility which costs a lot. They do it only in their own interest. 

The average person has an aversion to reading complicated legal acts, and hardly anyone will verify at source a common repetition of untruths.