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What do we do?

Narratives & disinformation detection

ABTShield Alerts

Polling & Countermeasure Impact Measurement

ABTShield for Ads

ABTShield for Political and Digital Campaigns

Narratives & disinformation detection

How are we unique?

ABTShield’s team includes both disinformation/behavioral experts and technological leaders, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning, sentiment measurement, and automated behavior analysis tools on a customized mix of platforms to consolidate customized, actionable data for clients. This combination of expertise allows ABTShield to identify the moment emerging narratives or artificial activity in the information sphere threatens a client’s objectives.

The customized approach ensures that information monitoring is tailored for each client’s needs – by policy issue, brand consideration, or platform – and is flexible enough to provide real time data.

ABTShield has the ability to adapt to the most relevant platforms; a moving target in today’s market. Whether the threat has moved from Facebook to Twitter or Parler to Telegram, ABTShield’s agility means we will be where the action is, as soon as the action moves there.

ABTShield is:

FOCUSED ON NARRATIVES. A different scale of magnitude and complexity than tracking responses to brands.

SENSITIVE. ABTShield identifies what is sticky and what people are talking about BEFORE the news stories get written.

POWERED BY AI. Detects  trending narratives, fake traffic mechanisms (bots and trolls), and clusters of activity.

QUALITATIVELY EVALUATED: There is always a human at the helm every process in our company. We believe technology is key, but qualitative analysis is irreplaceable.

MEANINGFUL. Includes analysis of disinformation narratives (goals, consequences, scenarios).

DATA DRIVEN. Ongoing monitoring of multiple data sources.

SCALABLE. Not limited to a specific language or territory.

ACCESSIBLE. Offers 24/7 flexibility for data access anywhere. Daily reporting. 

MULTILINGUAL. International coordination/ local languages in 150+ countries.

ABTShield Alerts

ABTShield provides a comprehensive, client-tailored warning system (Information Operations radar) providing ongoing, real-time analysis of relevant internet traffic using AI, machine learning, and human analysis. ABTShield will identify emerging threats, tracking online activity that could signify new threats, delivering information on new „high volume” narratives and origin analysis (organic vs artificial)


ABTShield will identify emerging disinformation narratives and allow to impact the conversation, instead of working from a reactive position.


Understanding what public commentary is organic and which is artificial will enable assessments about when threats are coming from malign actors, and when public education efforts are necessary.


Detect and analyze relevant narratives emerging in internet articles, tweets and comments – tracking client-identified areas of interests as well as newly-appearing topics (e.g. “riots”, “police violence”, “BLM protests”, etc.) and entities (e.g. “Proud Boys”, etc.).


Analyze social reactions to news and articles (is a topic sticking and spreading in the information sphere?).


Detect bot and troll attacks on publisher sites, webpages, commentary, forums, or social accounts based on ABTShield’s proprietary, award-winning behavioral analysis.

Polling & Countermeasure Impact Measurement

coordinate polling information to assess
the impact of strategic communications
on public opinion

utilize a common methodology for market research and surveys based
on customized issues

integrated with disinformation monitoring efforts on specific issues to determine
the effectiveness of media strategies

polling specialists with 20+ years
of experience

coordinate polling information
to assess the impact of strategic communications on public opinion

ABTshield for political and digital campaigns


Detecting developing threats to client image integrity in the digital sphere.


 Analyze social reactions to news and articles related to the campaign(is a topic sticking and spreading in the information sphere?).


Enabling clients to disrupt misinformation efforts, image attacks, and political defamation threats.


Polling information to assess the impact of strategic communications on public opinion.


Tracking client-identified areas of interest and newly-appearing topics and allowing campaigns to direct communications efforts in real time for the most impact.


Guaranteeing the effectiveness of an online campaign budget, which without ABTShield would be consumed by bot traffic or malicious attacks by political competitors.


EDGE NPD, creator of ABTShield, specializes in identifying and combating online manipulation/disinformation by combining competencies in behavioral psychology, social communication, network and security technologies, and AI modeling. EDGE NPD was created within Kantar, one of the world’s leading market research institutions. As part of the media group WPP, Edge NPD worked as a special unit in developing new research methodologies focusing on the diagnosis of public opinion and social behavior analysis. As an independent company Edge NPD has had seven years of success providing services and technologies for private and public clients.

Edge NPD works in collaboration with digital media and advertisers, allowing for comprehensive analysis of internet user behavior and anomaly detection. Edge NPD is one of 40 Google-certified research verification (internet traffic analysis) organizations, and has initiated multiple projects related to advertising and technology – our hallmark 'clean advertising’ initiative includes key advertising organizations (SAR, IAB, IAA). Edge NPD, in association with the Google DNI Fund, developed ABTShield (Anti-Bot and Troll Shield), an innovative service that identifies malign traffic and disinformation affecting clients’ sites and social media. 

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