ABTShield for ADS


ABTShield provides a comprehensive system providing ongoing, real-time analysis of ad online traffic using AI and heuristic analysis. ABTShield is refined to identify Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT):, tracking online activity that could signify new threats resulting in ad budget loss, ensuring that an ad budget reaches actual consumers rather than bots..

ABTShield is a solution that allows every advertiser, media house or publisher to instantly identify sources of bot traffic. 

ABTShield is:


24/7 monitoring of internet traffic on client’s website and other online resources such as ads.


Identification and analysis of the end-users’ devices based on passive fingerprinting: an innovative TCP / IP stack analysis (identification beyond traditional cookie).


Detection of malicious traffic sources and its origins based on cutting-edge behavioral analysis.


A comprehensive reporting system revealing types of fraud and attacks (segmentation of bots/ attacks).

One international firm experienced 96% ad fraud
for a loss of USD 250k/ month.

The fraud occurred undetected over 10 months before ABTShield was introduced as an audit tool…


We want to know that real people, not robots, are enjoying our ads - bots don’t eat a lot of Ben & Jerry’s.

Keith Weed

Unilever Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

ABTShield works on multiple stages of campaign


EDGE NPD, creator of ABTShield, specializes in identifying and combating online manipulation/disinformation by combining competencies in behavioral psychology, social communication, network and security technologies, and AI modeling. EDGE NPD was created within Kantar, one of the world’s leading market research institutions. As part of the media group WPP, Edge NPD worked as a special unit in developing new research methodologies focusing on the diagnosis of public opinion and social behavior analysis. As an independent company Edge NPD has had seven years of success providing services and technologies for private and public clients.

Edge NPD works in collaboration with digital media and advertisers, allowing for comprehensive analysis of internet user behavior and anomaly detection. Edge NPD is one of 40 Google-certified research verification (internet traffic analysis) organizations, and has initiated multiple projects related to advertising and technology – our hallmark 'clean advertising’ initiative includes key advertising organizations (SAR, IAB, IAA). Edge NPD, in association with the Google DNI Fund, developed ABTShield (Anti-Bot and Troll Shield), an innovative service that identifies malign traffic and disinformation affecting clients’ sites and social media. 

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