Someone is ROBBING YOU and it needs to STOP!

20% wasted

Digital advertising dollars are paying for views from fake/ automated traffic – not people.  On average, 20% of a digital advertising budget is wasted on bot traffic.

$50b stolen

Bot traffic is costing advertisers tens of billions of dollars per year and growing. The value of defrauded expenditures on advertising reaches 50 billion USD.

$150b lost

E-commerce sector has lost around $1.5  billion in 2020

ABTShield now saving milions of USD for advertisers
and increase digital campaigns effectiveness

ABTShield is refined to identify and eliminate Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT)
– an online activity that could signify ad budget loss.


  • On average, we recover between 10-20% of the advertising budget
  • There are cases of campaigns with bot traffic close to 100%

Campaigns types

Versatile technology for any type of campaign and all your online channels

Adapted to e-commerce


  • Campaign audit carried out by an independent auditor

  • Checking campaign compliance with the media plan

  • Reporting the level of ad fraud by specific media and forms of advertising.

  • Filtering malign traffic sources that may cause ad budget loss

  • Recovering lost budgets from ad networks and publishers

  • Increased effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

  • Control over connection sources and traffic.

  • 100% confidentiality and data privacy protection.

How we are different?

Cybersec identification and behavioral analysis of bots

Cybersec analysis of deep layers of internet protocols reveals the true identity
of the attacker
 botscamouflage does not work on ABTShield!  

ABTShield, unlike other anti-fraud solutions, can identify and track sources of bot traffic (server or malware) even when malign actors are trying to hide in disguise by deleting cookies, changing IPs, changing declarative elements of their “digital identity” such as operating system, device type, or browser.

Unnatural behavior reveals nature of the bots.

The cutting-edge behavioral analysis with dozens of advanced metrics indicates fraudulent patterns that expose even the most advanced ad bots. Behavioral analysis is a result of 20+ years of academic and commercial teams’ experience. ABTShield automatically builds a unique protection profile based on the bahavioral metrics of your users. 

What you get?

Accountable, Transparent Data. No „AI” bullshit.

Access to all metrics and raw data, easy to integrate with data lakes and responces mechanisms.

Complete Digital Customer Journey.

ABTShield integration can cover landing page/
e-commerce, display page views and clicks

Detailed Traffic Forensics

including all campaign parameters, IP, non-cookie ID, geo-location and other

Flexible & Customizable Rules.

Custom development of behavioral metrics

Neutral for UX.

Totally invisible and neutral for users

Realtime Blocking.

ABTSheld immediately initiates protective actions,
to make sure your budget is safe

ABTShield on Ad Market