Edge NPD is a company (founded 2014) specializing in innovation in the business intelligence services market. Edge NPD cooperates with media and advertisers on the digital market in the tech field, which allows for comprehensive analysis of the behaviour of internet users as well as increasing ROI on web traffic. Within Edge NPD’s team, researchers associated with social sciences, mathematics, and computer science can be found. Edge NPD, along with its founder Dobromir Ciaś was nominated for its work to New Europe 100 in 2017 by Google, the Financial Times, Respublika, and also the Visegrad Fund, as one of the top 100 innovators in Central and Eastern Europe. Edge NPD CEO Dobromir Ciaś has been awarded multiple times by European research associations.


Gazeta.pl by Agora: a Polish website, mass-media entertainment/information medium with a extensive user community along with a wide range of topical websites, tools, and services fulfilling everyday needs: information, advice, opinion exchange, communication, entertainment, and filling time. Gazeta.pl websites are visited by 11.14 million users monthly.

Onet.pl by Ringier Axel Springer: one of the largest website in Poland, video site Onet.tv and VoD.pl, dating site Sympatia.pl, inspirational fashion magazine VU MAG, service finder Zumi.pl, social network NK.pl, price-comparison site Skąpiec.pl, as well as product/service review site Opineo.pl. Onet S.A. also has a wide range of mobile applications, including Onet News, VOD.pl, Onet Sport, Onet Weather, and Ekstraklasa.tv. Onet S.A. websites are visited by over 16.5 million users monthly.

Visegrad insight by Res Publica Foundation: English-language magazine and an analytical platform. Published by Res Publica Foundation (Warsaw) since 2012. VI is the only English language magazine in the Visegrad Group with transnational editorial cooperation and is one of the major sources of analysis and opinion for domestic and international press in the region. Res Publica Foundation also runs a unique network of media, activists, business and public administration innovators from CEE called New Europe 100 (which for the last 4 years has been in cooperation with Google, Financial Times and the Visegrad Fund).

The portal of non-governmental organizations, which has existed for nearly two decades. It contains the most complete database of Polish NGOs (more than 140 thousand entries), the main source of information about NGOs in Poland. It is created by the NGOs themselves and it takes care of their thematic services. The portal is administered by the Klon/Jawor Association.

Hype Warsaw is a company dealing with the comprehensive organization of events, event marketing and brand building. It is also a team of experienced experts dealing with media purchasing in the Digital space.

VoxEurop: a European news and debate website, published in ten languages. Born from a desire to continue the work of Presseurop, the news platform that closed in December 2013, it aims to cover current affairs for the widest possible European audience. Operating with full editorial and financial independence, VoxEurop is managed since September 2017 by a non-profit European Co-operative Society (832198048 RCS Bobigny) – the first of its kind to operate a media outlet. It aims to contribute to the development of an informed European public opinion through the publication of quality content translated into ten languages. 

Marketing Communication Association (short-cut in PL: SAR): The Association was established in 1997 and it associates companies that deal with professional marketing communication. The group is currently made up of 125 entities and includes full-service agencies, media houses, brand design agencies, interactive, ambient and production houses. SAR’s mission is to facilitate the exchange of information and cooperation between representatives of the media and advertising world, to represent their interests, and to strengthen dialogue between all participants in the marketing communication industry in Poland.


Collegium Civitas is a modern non-state university located in Warsaw that offers degrees and conducts research studies in the field of methodology and techniques for information analysis, cybersecurity, planning and organization of work for analytics teams, system analyses of crises and conflicts, risk analysis and strategic studies. Collegium Civitas boasts the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and the Institute for Information Analysis, each being the only one of its type in Poland. Institute of Information Analysis aims to provide extensive training in the profession of the information analyst.
Information is one of the most valuable resources of knowledge-based economies. Director of the Institute of Information Analysis – Krzysztof Liedel, PhD in security management, lawyer and specialist in combatting international terrorism. 

NASK is a state research institute supervised by the Ministry of Digitization. The key field of NASK’s activity is activities related to ensuring the security of the Internet. NASK conducts research and development activities in the scope of developing solutions increasing the effectiveness, reliability and security of ICT networks and other complex network systems. An important role is played by educational activities and popularization of the idea of the information society.

Political Capital: independent policy research, analysis and consulting institute founded in 2001 in Budapest – it owes no allegiance to any government or political body. The institute has developed an extended network of professional partners, both domestically and internationally, all of whom have helped the institute’s team to become one of the most influential think tanks in Central and East Europe.

The Institute is a leading Polish research and development centre in the field of design and system solutions. The tasks of the Institute – of scientific category A – include basic and applied research and training of scientific staff in system analysis; intelligent data analysis; methods of system optimization and modelling; computer-aided decision support; operational research and stochastic methods in decision-making. Scientists from IBS PAN together with EDGE NPD team jointly develop ABT Shield project and service in the field of intelligent content analysis methods.