6000+ disinformation cases debunked

August 6, 2019 | Featured
More than 6000 pro-Kremlin disinformation cases debunked by the EUvsDisinfo.

The EUvsDisinfo database has surpassed 6000 cases of pro-Kremlin disinformation since its founding in November 2015. It is worth to mention that 1000 stories have been collected only over the last four months (!) that proves the fact of Kremlin being active in its disinformation war in order to destabilize Europe and the West specifically.

Talking about the topics, the Russian disinformation campaign has been working in different areas presented in the world cloud below, whereas Ukraine and the US stay at the position of the most favourite topics for trolls:

Source: euvsdisinfo.eu

The page has also shown the so-called Hall of Fame presenting some examples of the most bizarre articles:

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