Poland’s Cybersecurity Strategy for 2019-24

August 7, 2019 | Research
The strategy will replace the National Policy Framework of Cybersecurity of the Republic of Poland for 2017-2022.

The document sets out the strategic goals and the appropriate policy and regulatory measures that need to be implemented to ensure that information system, key service providers, critical infrastructure operators, digital service providers and public administrations are resilient to incidents in cyberspace. This will also increase the level of national security.

According to the Ministry, the main goal of the Strategy is to increase the level of resistance to cyber threats and the level of information protection in the public, military and private sectors. The promotion of knowledge and good practices among citizens will also improve information protection.

Five objectives of the Strategy

The document also defined five specific objectives:

  1. Development of the National Cybersecurity System (KSC), which is to assess the functioning of the KSC provisions. The information exchange system will also be expanded, which will facilitate the management of national security.
  2. Increase in the level of resilience of networks and IT systems of public administration and the private sector, in order to achieve the ability to effectively combat the effects of incidents. Under this subsection, among others, the National Standards of Cybersecurity. System tests and audits will also be carried out.
  3. Improvement of Poland’s potential in the field of cybersecurity technology. The development of industrial and technological resources is proposed. In addition, cooperation mechanisms between the public and private sectors will be developed.
  4. Development of social awareness towards the safe use of virtual space. The Strategy underlines the necessity to increase the competences of personnel responsible for cybersecurity issues.
  5. Building a strong international position in the field of cybersecurity. Active international cooperation at the strategic-political, operational and technical level will contribute to the development of cybersecurity in the regional and global dimension.

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