Our research and analysis show:

bots generate over 50%

of network traffic


ABT SHIELD – Anti-bots and Trolls Shield

ABT SHIELD technology is an AI-based tool, limiting risks and a negative impact of bots and trolls on readers’ experience, disinformation spreading and advertisers’ campaigns efficiency. Designed for today’s web and Ad Tech architecture at any scale, the sophisticated real-time detection defends against the full range of automated trolls and bots attacks. ABT SHIELD is a product designed in close cooperation with publishers, advertisers, academic institutions, think tanks and EU institutions.

Supported by Google DNI Fund

ABT SHIELD for Non-profits

Think tanks, government agencies and political parties! Protect your constituencies! Our technology is unique on a world scale. It offers real-time protection against machines – not users – which amplify messages online and try to destroy our democracies.

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ABT SHIELD for Publishers

There is much ado about combatting fake news. ABT SHIELD effectively fights the artificial amplification. Stay reliable - protect your reputation. Readers are more likely to stay loyal to a medium that can effectively protect them against such mechanisms.

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ABT SHIELD for Advertisers

CPM frauds in many cases exceed 50% of the advertising budget. Use ABT SHIELD to audit and monitor campaign quality. A trusted vendor of advertising networks, including Google.

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